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We run all types of Pilates classes in Norwich, from matwork and reformer pilates classes; ballet barre, swiss ball, and sculpt and stretch classes.

Our studio is fully equiped and we have a separate matwork room with classes limited to 10 people so that you have space to move. With 22 matwork classes a week you have the flexibilty to swop classes if you need to and to try lots of different styles of teaching.

Come and feel good in your body, book online here. If no spaces are available for a class you will not be able to sign up but if you give us a ring we can add you to our waitlist for that class and you will receive an email if a spot becomes free.

The majority of our evening classes are fully booked by regular repeat clients.

If you are new to the world of pialtes or have an injury, we would strongly recommend you start with a Private session so the teacher can assess your movement so you feel confident moving to any of the classes below.

Matwork Classes

Reformer Classes

Studio Classes

Private/Duo Classes

Other Classes