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Beginners Pilates Classes in Norwich

Pilates is an effective exercise method designed to balance, strengthen, stretch, tone and move the body. We look forward to introducing you to this great form of exercise. Do pop into the Studio if you want to have a look around and see if we are the place for you. Ideally we recommend if you have an injury that you have some private lessons. You will make better progress if you have some private lessons before joining a class.

Floor based Matwork optionsYou can choose from either :-

a Beginners Matwork Course, which gives you the basic principles of pilates, breathing, relaxation, body

alignment and stabilisation. A list of up coming courses is shown at the bottom of the page, you can book in here or call to join a course of your choice


Beginner Reformer Classes: For those who are fit and active and are able to move, you will work through the classical exercise series building on strength and technique each week. The reformer is a spring based piece of apparatus which provides resistance to help and enhance the movements.

Beginners Reformer Classes are available at 6.35pm every Monday evening with Amanda or on Wednesday evenings at 6pm with Monica. We also have a new class starting on Saturday mornings at 10.15am. Please call us to book into these sessions.

Beginner Studio Classes

Tuesday morning at 12 noon from 22nd January these classes cover all the basics for a strong pilates practice, you will need to be injury free to attend these sessions.

What to Expect

Please wear comfortable clothing that will enable you to stretch and bring a pair of non slip socks as shoes are not required.

We will need you to compete a health questionaire before you start sessions at the Studio. A link to the form is on our "contact page" if you could complete this before you come it would be a great help. This is particularly true if you have any injuries and we need to contact your physiotherapist or GP before you start your classes. 

Pilates exercises target not just our stronger muscles, but also the weaker ones too. Initially matwork classes are mainly floor based. If you have problems getting up and down from the floor private or studio sessions using the equipment would probably suit you better.

The result is a properly balanced body, with better joint mobility, toned muscles and a good, natural posture. Pilates helps you achieve this posture by strengthening the centre of the body to support the lower back, helping you to stand straight and hold your upper body with ease.