Other Services


We offer sessions with the following highly experienced physiotherapists.

Evie Prince is a physiotherapist with more than 26 years experience. She specialises in back, neck shoulder and hip issues She uses a combination of manual techniques, acupuncture and rehabilitation exercises.  

Grainne Daniels a Senior Physiotherapist working in Chronic Pain Management. She has appointments available most Saturday and Tuesday mornings in our treatment room. 

Fran Sutton is a Senior Physiotherapist, who has extensive experience of working with scoliosis and children, is available on Friday afternoon. Please call to book in.

Rhythm Matrix Therapy

We offer Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy at the Studio. It is a method developed by scientists from the results of clinical studies into cell biology conducted at Erlangen University in Germany. Applied with a handheld device which creates mechanical and magnetic vibrations in affected tissues (muscles, skin, tendons, etc.) it provides relaxation and improved flexibility for pain-free mobility by encouraging the proper circulation of the intra-cellular matrix. It is used for a wide range of conditions.

For more information please visit http://www.matrixrhythmtheraphy.com 

Andrew Hammond is available on Saturday by arrangement.  He is a advanced Therapist and Instructor.

Initial Consultation and first session £20. Treatments are £60 each or £50 if booked in a block of four sessions.



George Bevin provides a wonderful full body massage for £40 an hour or £65 for 90 minutes, please call m.07843417304 or email him at george@gbmassage.me. He specialises in fascial techniques to loosen tight muscle groups and help you maintain fluid movement off the table. 

Rossiter System

Monica offers this wonderful technique to help lower back pain, hip and shoulder pain. It is a two person pin and stretch release technique. It uses a series of quick, powerful stretches to loosen and elongate connective tissue. It is particularly useful with frozen shoulders / tennis elbow and knee hip pain. 

For more information see www.therossitersystem.com

Introductory Offer £60 for 3 sessions