Matwork Classes

Monday evening Improver II / Intermediate with Lindsay at 7.30pm 

You will need to have done considerable number of classes and have a good knowldge of matwork. This class is held at Eaton Park Community Centre, access and parking off South Park Avenue. These classes can be zoomed if you are away or self isolating

Currently 1 space available.  

Free catch up class on 8th August. Term restarts on Mondsay 12th September. Six weeks £60

Tuesday lunchtime Improver I with Lindsay at 12.30pm

This class goes at a steady pace and is more suitable for those dealing with long term injuires and conditions.  

2 spaces available.

Free catch up class on Tuesday 9th August normal time and place. Term restarts on 6th September. Seven weeks £70.

I ask you to bring your own mat and head cushion with you each week to classes. I also run catch up classes for those times when you have not quite made it to class a couple of times a year at no extra cost.